About Us

There’s just something about growing up on the show cattle circuit that is hard to explain to someone who isn’t part of it. From the strategy behind genetic pairings, to the meticulous grooming and obsessive pursuit of hair growth - it can all seem a little crazy to an outsider.  But to those of us in the heart of it, well, we just get it.  I was born into a family that both breeds and raises black angus cattle. I started showing cattle when I was three years old, resulting in the forging of amazing friendships that have stood the test of time.  Now, almost 30 years later, my husband and I are teaching our own children the ways of the circuit as we farm ourselves.


As my own children, nieces and nephews have become interested in showing, it’s become very apparent that the toys available on the market that have anything to do with their interests are, shall we say, “lacking”. Here’s what I mean, anybody who has an eye for the confirmation of a great show animal can attest to the fact that cattle toys and figurines on the market are pretty horrendous looking.  It’s been a running joke in our family for many years and you can be pretty sure that any visit to the animal section in the toy store results in giggles.  But for me, the humour turned to frustration.  I saw friends of my children who were interested in horses and dressage have amazing toys readily available that met the standards of their passion.  And I couldn’t find a single one.


And that’s how The Stock Show Toy Co. was born.  They say invention is the product of necessity, and to me, this fits that category.  So I hope you enjoy our line of toys.