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DIY Stock Show Christmas Tree

by Sarah Wray | December 03, 2014 | 0 Comments


I have to admit my crafting ability is virtually nil.  So when my kids came to me with the idea that they would like to use their toy steers  as Christmas tree ornaments I was second guessing whether I wanted to head into the deep dark depths of ribbons, paint and glue...oh my.  The good news is that my husband assured me it would not be that hard and it honestly wasn't.


I did the bare minimum on this tree, but if you are way craftier than me the possibilities are endless.  I can imagine little champion show ribbons that would look adorable on this tree.  If any of you out there have already fashioned your own stock show tree, please post some images to our Facebook page, I would love to get more ideas to add for next year.  For those of you who are like me, here is a really simple tutorial on how I made these, if you can run a drill you are capable!




Eyelet Screw

Drill Bit- one size smaller than the screw

Toy Animal

Flat Black Spray Paint




Step 1:

Take the eyelets that you bought and place them on the cardboard.  Next take the flat black spray paint and paint both sides.


Step 2:

While the eyelets are drying drill a hole in the top of the animal, try to get it centered.  I drilled the hole a little closer to the head of the animal so that that the animal hung straight.  


Step 3:

Screw the dry eyelets into the top of the animal with your hands.  Pull a ribbon through the eyelet and tie it into a pretty bow.  


Step 4:

Hang them on your beautiful tree and sit back reminding yourself that we all have a little craftiness in us :).  


I know, I know.  This is so simple that it doesn't even need a step by step approach, but trust me from personal experience when people come over and see all your handy work the compliments will be flying!  Hope you and all your families have a wonderful Christmas season.









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